Acquisition activity 

We all love going on our summer holidays. But bookings are made so far in advance; it's difficult to get excited (especially in late winter).


We needed a simple idea (using stock photos) that inspired people to book with Cosmos while supporting the brand’s commitment to service (making your holiday the best ever).


The campaign ran across press, cover wraps, radio and online.

Retention activity 

We had data from the last three years which identified where customers had been on their last Cosmos holiday. We used this customer insight to create a mailing that used ‘destination, inspiration’ to deliver repeat bookings.


Most people can’t resist ‘checking in’ on their holiday, so they can share special moments with family and friends. We used this digital behaviour to create a highly personalised mailing that acknowledged their previous Cosmos holiday destination and the time elapsed since they were last there.


Of course, if the customer wanted to ‘check in’ somewhere different this year, the mailing offered lots of other Cosmos holiday destinations.


To deliver this level of personalisation required 22 different geographical versions of the pack.