English Heritage

Acquisition activity 

English Heritage (EH) hasn’t done well during these austere times. It was a nice squidgy target for a budget cut as the Government slashed funding. To fill the gap, it simply needed more members. We proposed a highly personalised acquisition campaign which used 'destination inspiration' to drive sales of membership.

We used the English Civil War to create an engaging social activation that would help people ‘Step into England’s story’ and by doing so, gather a list of hot prospects.

A mobile ad would play a voice message from Charles I asking for your support.

Through a series of questions, our site would reveal whether you were a Roundhead or Cavalier.

Adding your postcode would establish whether you now lived in a Royalist or Parliamentarian area.

You could then create your Roundhead or Cavalier portrait to share through your social channels.

You were then prompted to join EH.

Each mailing would be personalised with both a name and geographical location. The most relevant EH site to their demographic would be showcased.

In this example, it was older 'culture seekers' in the Weymouth area who we directed to Old Wardour Castle.

The mailing would be personalised with other local sites and a strong CTA.

In this example, we inspired 'family fun seekers' in the Weymouth area to visit Portland Castle.