Acquistion emergency funding

Many people don’t know the RNLI is a charity. And like many charities, they rely on voluntary donations. This pack was sent to those who use the sea regularly. To emphasise the urgency of the appeal, we used semaphore – the method sailors use to communicate with flags – to alert them to the perilous financial position the RNLI was in.


Accompanying the letter and brochure, was a shopping list detailing what your donation would buy, along with a waterproof card showing the International Code of Flags. So this pack might not only have saved the RNLI, but also people’s lives.

Digital banners emphasised the urgency of the RNLI's financial peril on yachting and boating websites. Using visual language seafarers would understand, radar screens, emergency flares and semaphore flags the campaign was

a success and the RNLI returned to calmer waters.