Tesco Bank general banking

CVM emails

We led a complete revamp of the email template. The final 

design is mobile optimised, modular in structure with shorter copy. We also developed a new approach to subject line testing and pre-headers.

Loans retention specialist press

The client insisted on running the same generic loan ad in the general press time and time again. Its effectiveness was diminishing. 


We suggested testing specialist press to make the Bank's low rate loans more relevant. This fresh approach was driven by a simple insight.


These titles are 'passion points' for readers. By tailoring our ads, we could appeal to their hearts before connecting with their heads.


Just before the first insertion, the advertising manager at Perfect Wedding called to say how much she adored the ad. And it seems she wasn’t alone.

Premium Credit Card launch

This was the biggest product launch of 2015 for the Bank, that required both naming and creation of the card design. 


Working with planning, we played a key role in developing 
the launch strategy and have overseen the creation of the
launch comms (DM, EDM, press, welcome pack).

Retention direct mail

To encourage customers to use their Clubcard Credit Card more often, this intriguing mailing revealed an exclusive Clubcard points offer. This objective was to keep the Card ‘front of wallet’.

Retention direct mail

Everyone has a wish list. So this personalised mailing brought a typical wish list to life and explained how Tesco Bank could make it happen. By showing how easily customers could top up their existing loan, the risk of losing them to another loan provider was greatly reduced.