Tesco Bank emails

CVM emails 

This was a huge project, requiring a complete overhaul of

the CVM email programme.


Multiple design strands were developed, with the key focus on creating a simple, easily optimised visual style.

The template needed to work for both Banking and General Insurance with minimal changes.


The most effective emails are modular and light on copy,

so we followed this approach for the Bank. These emails are highly targeted, with personalisation driven by customer insight, purchase behaviour and basket share.


When your Bank loan is about to finish, we’ll offer you a new rate before you start shopping around.


You buy pet food for the first time in Tesco, we’ll automatically send you a great offer on Pet Insurance. Or tell us when your current cover expires and we’ll get in touch with a new deal.


We’ll remind you how long you have left to make the most of your balance transfer offer.


We’ll even offer you money saving ideas to keep the family entertained over the bank holiday weekend; tailored to your area of the country.


A CVM email programme of this scale has many messages, which is why we've shown so many examples.


Test and learn is key to maximising the response rate, so the template will continue to evolve.