Tesco Bank insurance

CVM emails 

We led a complete revamp of the email template. The final design is mobile optimised, modular in structure with 

shorter copy. We also developed a new approach to subject line testing and pre-headers.

Pet Insurance retention

People don’t see their pets as animals, they’re one of the 

family. So to 'surprise and delight' existing customers, we sent their pet a personalised birthday card. Inside was a little gift too, a voucher to spend in the pet aisle in Tesco.


Hundreds of customers also shared their pet's birthday photos with us on Twitter. The card has also be updated; it now turns into a pet party hat. The photos are completely crackers but brilliant. This activity is proving highly effective at deterring defection at the next renewal.

Car insurance acquisition

Cross-sell is key strategy for the Bank. It allows them to target Tesco customers accurately, while giving them more. This simple mailing conveyed the ‘extra’ the Bank gives Clubcard customers. It opened up to reveal a boot packed with a family shop, plus some of the extras you could buy with a free £40 Tesco Gift Card.

Car Insurance reward

'Surprise and delight' is a great loyalty driver for the Bank. So this free Pizza Express gift card worth £20 was delivered in a pizza box shaped mailing. (This image doesn't really do it justice).

Home Insurance acquisition

The Bank’s brand strategy is ‘in your world, in your corner’. So this one-piece mailing creatively delivered a key feature of the Bank’s home insurance in a way that resonated with potential customers.