Acquisition direct mail 

As if the Polo Twist with air con wasn't cool enough this

DM pack came complete with a Polo shaped Ice Tray. The pack not only received huge response rates but the Ice Trays were also found for sale on ebay!

Acquisition integrated activity

This new Passat is so roomy and comfortable that anyone travelling in it may prefer to stay there - including man's best friend! This DM pack came complete with cut out toys and treats to lure Fido out.

Acquisition magazine insert

To celebrate 30 years of making the Golf, Volkswagen took over all the advertising space in Auto Express. To bring the issue to life we devised and inserted a model Golf that you could build yourself. As the headline explains, Volkswagen took 30 years to make their model hopefully it wouldn't take readers that long to make theirs.

Acquisition email

Aggressive and menacing on one side clean and fuel efficient on the other this Golf GT email highlights the dual benefit of the small but incredibly powerful Golf variant.

The Toureg Unlimited CRM programme informs new Toureg owners that much like the luxury 4X4, it is a place that only a few can go.


This mail pack highlights exclusive benefits now open to them as automatic members of Toureg Unlimited and comes with a DVD showing new owners what to expect at a free on and off road driving day. 

Customer loyalty programme