Wyevale Garden Centres

CRM programme 

MAA Best Awards 2016
Best Customer Journey

Wyevale had 10m names on its customer database (generated by their loyalty scheme ‘The Gardening Club’).


Each member received exactly the same range of communications, regardless of their purchase behaviour.


Within 12 months we had completely remodelled the customer journey, developed a fresh visual language and TOV for the brand.

Segmentation: Transactional, geodemographic and behavioural segmentation revealed three audience cohorts – Leisure & Discovery, Focused Favourites and committed Gardeners.

Welcome: We implemented a welcome programme that included a roll-fold mailing featuring a garden planner and a series of trigger-based emails.

Nurture: A monthly email, ‘Cuttings’ provided gardening advice and tips to members. We relaunched ‘The Garden Club’ scheme, refocusing on the benefits and in line with our insights.

Grow: Moving from a single offer approach, we tailored messages and promotions, which were aligned to specific segments to optimise sales.

The Great British Garden Survey  

Insight: We also launched ‘The Great British Garden Survey’ to gain deeper insights on the nation’s gardeners. We discovered that members wanted to be inspired and not just sold to. It received over 80,000 responses – making it the nation’s largest garden survey.

Smart iTools  

Presently in development, the first 'wearable tech'(sort of) loyalty programme. This unique range of gardening equipment will reward members for time spent working in their garden.